AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-27updated to 1.8.2gilcu3
2022-09-30improve minor detailsgilcu3
2022-09-30fixed an issue related to the xpi; removed non-necessary build stepsgilcu3
2022-04-16work around build issueMikuro Kagamine
2020-06-12Move firefox dependency into package functionMikuro Kagamine
2019-07-041.6.4Mikuro Kagamine
2019-06-181.5.2Mikuro Kagamine
2018-11-201.5.0Mikuro Kagamine
2018-09-271.4.13Mikuro Kagamine
2018-08-031.4.12Mikuro Kagamine
2018-07-28Change a thing for a guy.Mikuro Kagamine
2018-07-271.4.10Mikuro Kagamine
2018-07-27add some arm architecturesMikuro Kagamine
2018-07-27added git as makedep, strip source paths from binMikuro Kagamine
2018-07-271.4.9Mikuro Kagamine