AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-04Install binaries to /usr/binAndrew Simmons
2024-02-04Update to 1.3.1Andrew Simmons
2023-09-13Update to 1.3.0Matrix
2023-06-16Update to 1.2.13Matrix
2023-06-15Update to 1.2.12Matrix
2022-09-16Fix udev file permission remove deprecated SYSDavid Bernheisel
2022-08-04Switch to using provided udevrulesDavid Bernheisel
2022-08-04Add DS-640 to udevDavid Bernheisel
2022-07-15Bump to 1.2.11David Bernheisel
2022-04-251.2.10David Bernheisel
2022-02-011.2.9David Bernheisel
2021-12-15Use license from RPM instead of from URLDavid Bernheisel
2021-12-15Update to 1.2.8David Bernheisel
2021-05-14Update to 1.2.6David Bernheisel
2020-06-26Update to brscan5-1.2.3razerei
2020-02-03Publish to 1.2.2razerei
2020-02-03Update to 1.2.2 and move rules to usr/lib/udevrazerei
2019-04-17Revise from feedbackrazerei
2019-04-17Works for ADS-1700WDavid Bernheisel