AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-26Merge with differences from community/btrbkwillemw12
2023-01-19Fix typo in optdependswillemw12
2023-01-17Add conflicts. Fix source name. ...willemw12
2022-07-05Add sudo as optdepMichael Düll
2021-10-04Remove conflicts from PKGBUILD because 'provides' already specifiedMichael Düll
2020-09-30Temporary fix for Düll
2019-10-28Remove pv dependency.Michael Düll
2018-10-26Change Version number scheme.DL6AKU
2018-06-27Added mbuffer to optdepends.DL6AKU
2017-10-29Added asciidoc dependency.Michael Duell
2017-07-18Update.Michael DL6AKU
2016-11-21Updated the GIT pkgver()Michael DL6AKU
2015-09-06Added pv as an optional dependencyDaniel J. Campos
2015-06-09Migration to AUR4Daniel J. Campos