AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-03Upgrade to 0.6.11Pedro Silva
2016-10-11add SRCINFO stuffPedro Silva
2016-10-11add post_install outputPedro Silva
2016-08-19change arch to anyPedro Silva
2016-08-18bump version to 0.6.10Pedro Silva
2016-07-24Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Silva
2016-07-24bump pkgrel to 2Pedro Silva
2016-07-24add .gitignorePedro Silva
2016-07-24bump pkgrel -> 2Pedro Silva
2016-07-24remove hardcoded pkgname in package()Pedro Silva
2016-07-24install static files as 0644Pedro Silva
2016-07-24add previous maintainer as contributorPedro Silva
2016-07-23bump to 0.6.9 and include systemd supportPedro Silva
2015-06-28added python-setuptools to dependsMartin -nexus- Mlynář
2015-06-28version bump to 0.5.8Martin -nexus- Mlynář
2015-06-28Initial importMartin -nexus- Mlynář