AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-01now works with PipeWire.Stéphane MEYER
2021-05-13minor changes.Stéphane MEYER
2021-02-08It works better...Stéphane MEYER
2021-02-07Fixed a bug that was making vdim useless...Stéphane MEYER
2021-02-07Vdim now dims default sink.Stéphane MEYER
2021-02-07Vdim now dims default sink instead of each playing application.Stéphane MEYER
2021-01-14License and url corrected.Stéphane MEYER
2021-01-14License and url correction.Stéphane MEYER
2021-01-14Added libpulse as a dependency.Stéphane MEYER
2021-01-14Initial commit.Stéphane MEYER