AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-31Version 4.3 updateBen Oliver
2019-05-27Make buku CLI onlyBen Oliver
2019-05-25Add python-flask-api to dependsBen Oliver
2019-05-25Added depends for bukuserverBen Oliver
2019-05-244.2.2 releaseBen Oliver
2019-05-01Update to 4.2.1Ben Oliver
2019-01-15Update to version 4.1Ben Oliver
2018-11-02v4.0 releaseBen Oliver
2018-10-10Add python-html5lib to dependsBen Oliver
2018-10-02Add python-certifi to dependsBen Oliver
2018-10-02Add Ben Oliver as maintainerBen Oliver
2018-09-12Updated to v3.9Julian Paul Dasmarinas
2018-08-07Updated .SRCINFOJulian Paul Dasmarinas
2018-08-04Replaced tab with spaces in .SRCINFO fileJulian Paul Dasmarinas
2018-05-25update to version 3.8Julian Paul Dasmarinas
2018-03-28Version 3.7 release for bukuJulian Paul Dasmarinas
2018-01-31Updated to v3.6Julian Paul Dasmarinas
2017-11-103.5 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-09-183.4 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-09-103.3.1 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-09-103.3 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-08-13fix qoutes add maintainerJohnathan Jenkins
2017-08-12include shell completion scriptsJohnathan Jenkins
2017-08-023.2 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-07-103.1 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2017-04-25update 3.0Johnathan Jenkins
2017-04-07new packaging methodJohnathan Jenkins
2017-02-20version 2.9Johnathan Jenkins
2017-01-102.8 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2016-11-29new dependsJohnathan Jenkins
2016-11-292.7 updateJohnathan Jenkins
2016-11-04update to 2.6Johnathan Jenkins
2016-10-20up to 2.5 releaseJohnathan Jenkins
2016-09-11update pkgver to 2.4Andy Weidenbaum
2016-07-14update pkgver to 2.3Andy Weidenbaum
2016-06-14increment pkgrel; update dependsAndy Weidenbaum
2016-06-13update pkgver to 2.2Andy Weidenbaum
2016-05-28update pkgver to 2.1Andy Weidenbaum
2016-05-15update pkgver to 2.0, depends+=python-cryptoAndy Weidenbaum
2016-04-23update pkgver to 1.9Andy Weidenbaum
2016-03-26update pkgver to 1.8Andy Weidenbaum
2016-03-15update pkgver to 1.7Andy Weidenbaum
2016-01-26update pkgver to 1.6Andy Weidenbaum
2015-12-20Initial importAndy Weidenbaum