AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-04updated to version 1549jopejoe1
2020-08-23Fixed small typo that would prevent correctly suspending servers. Sorry for s...Gabriel Fontes
2020-08-23Upped pkgrelGabriel Fontes
2020-08-23Fixed typo that would prevent getting the default stop commandGabriel Fontes
2020-08-23Forgot to whitelist status commandGabriel Fontes
2020-08-23Fixed bug when omitting server name, should default to proxy correctly now. S...Gabriel Fontes
2020-08-23Fixed typo and slightly improved post-install messagesGabriel Fontes
2020-08-23Updated SRCINFOGabriel Fontes
2020-08-23Tidy PKGBUILD, fixed an issue with default proxy jar nameGabriel Fontes
2020-08-23Remove unused service filesGabriel Fontes
2020-08-23Added Changes From https://github.com/Misterio77/bungeecord-aurBuildTools
2020-08-13Updated Version to 1530BuildTools
2020-07-20Added BungeeCordBuildTools