AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-20Remove python2 from optdepsDaniel Landau
2019-07-25Update and remove now obsolete patchDaniel Landau
2019-01-29Add patches suggested by dmp1ceDaniel Landau
2018-09-20Bump versionDaniel Landau
2018-04-18Bump versionDaniel Landau
2018-02-22Bump versionDaniel Landau
2017-11-19UpdateDaniel Landau
2017-07-25Bump versionDaniel Landau
2017-03-27Bump versionDaniel Landau
2017-03-26Update to latest upstream versionDaniel Landau
2017-01-01Update upstream versionDaniel Landau
2016-06-27V5.108Sibren Vasse
2016-05-14Update to 107Sibren Vasse
2016-03-14Update to 104Sibren Vasse
2016-01-08Update to 5.100Sibren Vasse
2015-10-31Fix icon in desktop fileSibren Vasse
2015-10-31Update to version 5.98Sibren Vasse
2015-09-10Adopt package & move patches and configure to prepare()Sibren Vasse
2015-07-09Initial commitoozyslug