AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-01Update to 0.6.2Amish
2024-02-01Update to 0.5.12Amish
2022-11-14Rebuild for OpenSSL 3Amish
2021-10-23Update to 0.5.10Amish
2021-09-11Update to 0.5.9Amish
2021-03-04Update to 0.5.8Amish
2020-10-26Update to v0.5.7Amish
2019-12-02Update to v0.5.6Amish
2018-09-20Update to 0.5.5-1Amish
2018-09-18Update to 0.5.4-1Amish
2018-04-12Add depends() arrayAmish
2018-04-10Support remote proxy users (for eg: squid users)Amish
2018-04-09Update to 0.5.3Amish
2017-06-10Create proxy user if it does not existAmish
2017-06-10Use better filenamesAmish
2017-06-08Use reserved UID/GID as 15/15 just incase proxy user does not existAmish
2017-05-09Update to 0.5.2-1Amish
2017-03-04Update to 0.4.4-1Amish
2015-12-13Update to 0.4.2-1Amish
2015-07-19Initial importAmish