AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-03-28Match latest upstream changesDaniel Bermond
2021-03-06Match latest upstream changesDaniel Bermond
2020-07-26Match latest upstream changes. Cosmetic changes.Daniel Bermond
2019-06-29Fix conflictsDaniel Bermond
2019-06-29Update submodules. Use gcc from cuda. Add pytorch to conflicts.Daniel Bermond
2019-05-02Change to a split package. Update git submodules. Cosmetics.Daniel Bermond
2019-03-05Update git submodules. Fix build issue with cudnn path.Daniel Bermond
2018-11-25Fix build with opencv 4.0Daniel Bermond
2018-11-22conflicts: add python-pytorchDaniel Bermond
2018-11-22Fix build (disable fbgemm). Add missing lib.Daniel Bermond
2018-11-10Do not rename source clonesDaniel Bermond
2018-11-08build() and package() improvements. Update submodules and options.Daniel Bermond
2018-10-25Update libibverbs dependencyDaniel Bermond
libibverbs was merged into rdma-core. References ----------
2018-10-25FixesDaniel Bermond
2018-10-03Update conflictsDaniel Bermond
2018-09-29Remove nanopb git submodule. Update depends and cmake options.Daniel Bermond
nanopb submodule was removed by upstream. References ----------
2018-08-22Package now provides the non-cuda versionDaniel Bermond
This package now provides the non-cuda version (as known as the 'cpy only' build). If you want caffe2 with cuda support, use package caffe2-cuda-git. This new package naming schema will better reflect the package contents. This conforms to tensorflow package naming from the official repositories.
2018-07-29Add ibverbs and nvrtc. Use internal nccl.Daniel Bermond
2018-07-25Remove tbb git submodule (temporarily removed by upstream)Daniel Bermond
References ----------
2018-05-30Fix build with cuda 9.2 (needs gcc<7)Daniel Bermond
cuda 9.2 compiler is gcc7, but compilation fails with it. It works with gcc6 but it's not on the official repositories. gcc54 is on the official repositories, so let's use it.
2018-05-11Update git submodules and options to match latest upstream changesDaniel Bermond
2018-05-08makedepends: remove gcc5. package(): remove unneeded onnx files.Daniel Bermond
gcc54 is now a dependency for cuda, sot it will be already pulled. Letting gcc5 (as it was until now) will cause a package conflict with gcc54. References ----------
2018-05-02Update git submodules to match latest upstream changesDaniel Bermond
2018-04-30Update git submodules. Change pkgver method.Daniel Bermond
Update git submodules to match latest upstream changes. Note that 'third_party/nccl' is not a real git submodule and thus it does not need to be cloned by makepkg (nccl source code currently comes bundled in 'third_party/nccl' when cloning the pytorch git repository). $pkgver now uses the caffe2 version from the file 'caffe2/VERSION_NUMBER'. Since this version does not coincide with the pytorch version mumber, the revision number is now the total number of revisions in the pytorch git repository. Note ---- gcc5 is currently on the [community] repository. It was moved from the AUR to [community] due to CUDA. Removed gcc5 from the AUR block on makedepends.
2018-04-23Fix build: use gcc5. Switch to python3. Change source repo.Daniel Bermond
Fix build: use gcc5 ------------------- Unfortunatelly, the current git master branch of caffe2 does not build with the current cuda 9.1 and gcc6 from the official repositories. This prevented the package to be built for a long time. Details here: But it is possible to build with gcc5 from the AUR. Be warned that gcc5 from the AUR takes a lot of time to compile. Switch from python2 to python3 ------------------------------ Upstream now provides python3 support at git master branch. Change source to pytorch repository to match upstream changes ------------------------------------------------------------- Caffe2 source code moved to PyTorch repository. References ----------
2017-10-19New upstream git submodule: atenDaniel Bermond
References ----------
2017-10-19Change license (changed by upstream)Daniel Bermond
References ----------
2017-10-15Add needed changes for cuda 9.0Daniel Bermond
2017-09-03Removed NCCL support (it can be enabled by modifying the proper lines)Daniel Bermond
The newly released NCCL version 2 requires registration at the NVIDIA developer webiste and a manual download. As this breaks automated builds by AUR helpers, NCCL was disabled by default in this package. It can still be enabled by modifying the proper lines in the PKGBUILD file (instructions are at the top of the PKGBUILD file).
2017-09-03Removed CNMEM git submodule (removed by upstream)Daniel Bermond
2017-08-23Enabled ffmpeg and observers. Removed the deprecated cnmem option.Daniel Bermond
Also on this commit: - explicitly added the options 'USE_METAL' and 'USE_MOBILE_OPENGL', setting both of them to 'OFF'.
2017-08-23Added missing python dependencies (six, future and nvd3)Daniel Bermond
Adding python-future fixes an error when importing the caffe2 python modules. Thanks to AUR user wangqr for pointing this.
2017-08-09Sync with upstream changes: android-cmake, cudnn and glooDaniel Bermond
2017-08-06Restricted the required cudnn version (requires cudnn < 7.0)Daniel Bermond
Caffe2 currently does not compile with the newly released cudnn 7.0. It builds fine with cudnn 6.0.21.
2017-08-06Removed cuda version string from cmakeDaniel Bermond
2017-08-06Removed patch for external nnpack fix (fixed by upstream)Daniel Bermond
2017-07-20Fix build flags to work with gcc5Daniel Bermond
2017-07-20Cosmetic changingsDaniel Bermond
2017-07-16PIE static libraries rebuild (new gcc build flags)Daniel Bermond
2017-06-24Force submodules configuration to be localDaniel Bermond
2017-06-15Added nnpack supportDaniel Bermond
2017-06-15Cosmetic changingsDaniel Bermond
2017-06-15prepare(): use local variablesDaniel Bermond
2017-06-14Added ffmpeg optionDaniel Bermond
Currently disabled. Image and video processing seems to be done only when enabling opencv.
2017-06-14Removed opencv from buildDaniel Bermond
Compiling with opencv currently is giving linking errors with (intel-tbb, enabled in opencv). Temporarily disabled opencv until it is fixed.
2017-06-14Cosmetic changingsDaniel Bermond
2017-06-14Fix compile error with glooDaniel Bermond
2017-05-20protobuf 3.3.1 rebuildDaniel Bermond
2017-05-20depends: moved cudnn to 'binary repositories' sectionDaniel Bermond
cudnn has been moved from AUR to [community].
2017-05-01Strictly added gcc5 to makedepends and cuda to dependsDaniel Bermond
cudnn already pulls cuda. The current version of cuda (8.0) already pulls gcc5. But strictly adding them the dependencies can avoid some problems in the future.