AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-07Add READMEAntoine Pietri
2018-10-07Add MakefileAntoine Pietri
2018-02-06Add python-yaml dependencyAntoine Pietri
2018-02-06Update requirementsAntoine Pietri
2017-04-17Update url to githubAntoine Pietri
2017-03-04add python-jsonschema dependancyAntoine Pietri
2017-01-17Move to separate metapackage for base languagesAntoine Pietri
2017-01-16Fix camisole binary path in systemd serviceAlexandre Macabies
2017-01-16Fix systemd service; add ZSH completion for 'camisole'Alexandre Macabies
2016-12-26Fix java dependencies by forcing version (jdk-8)Alexandre Macabies
2016-12-26Add camisole to 'isolate' groupAlexandre Macabies
2016-12-26Add isolate-git to depends; fix sysusersAlexandre Macabies
2016-12-26Add camisole.service and camisole userAlexandre Macabies
2016-12-23Initial release (v0.1)Alexandre Macabies