AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-24use patch instead of gitChristopher Price
2024-02-25update contributorsChristopher Price
2024-02-25Updated to v1.12Christopher Price
2020-05-29upgpkg: camlidl 1.09-1Simon Legner
2019-08-20upgpkg: camlidl 1.07-1Simon Legner
2018-08-301.06-4: repackage for OCaml 4.07.0Simon Legner
2018-02-091.06-3: fix version in META fileSimon Legner
2018-02-081.06-2: fix META fileSimon Legner
2018-01-16Update to camlidl-1.06-1Simon Legner
2017-10-311.05-7: update META.camlidlSimon Legner
2016-10-27Merge branch 'ocaml-4.03', update to 1.05-6Simon Legner
2016-10-27Also rename array module in compiler/.dependSimon Legner
2016-10-27change installation patch of libraries to standard locationBertram Felgenhauer
2016-10-27fix build with ocaml-4.03Bertram Felgenhauer
2015-06-12Initial importSimon Legner