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2017-05-05Happy Cinco de Mayo!epitron
2017-03-27...and the SRCINFOepitron
2017-03-27Camlistore is now on a monthly release schedule, so the version number is now...epitron
2016-03-06New PKGREL version for the git workaroundChris Gahan
2016-03-06Workaround for a bug in "make.go"Chris Gahan
2016-03-04Switched the tarball location from bradfitz' github account to the camlistore...Chris Gahan
2016-02-29Merge branch 'master' of Gahan
2016-02-29Updated to v0.9Chris Gahan
2016-02-29Updated to v0.9Chris Gahan
2015-06-290.8, Release 2Chris Gahan