AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-14Updated to use latest V8.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-08-18Changed dependancy from python2-six to python-six.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-06-30Updated to use V8 6.8Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-04-20Updated .SRCINFOPaul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-04-20Changed package description.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-04-20Initial commit - camotics-gitPaul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2017-02-08Updated pkgver() function to comply with upstreamJustin R. St-Amant
2017-02-06Updated dependencies and build functionJustin R. St-Amant
2017-01-30Forcing compilation against qt4Justin R. St-Amant
2017-01-07Improved deps and added a desktop entryJustin R. St-Amant
2015-11-19Initial import.Justin R. St-Amant