AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-08Enable CLN and make library thread-safe.Gereon Kremer
2017-09-07Preventing cmake export from temporary build directory.Gereon Kremer
2017-09-07New release 17.08, using zip instead of git sources.Gereon Kremer
2017-06-19Bumping version.Gereon Kremer
2017-05-18Bumping pkgrel to trigger reload.Gereon Kremer
2017-05-18Make check() work.Gereon Kremer
2017-05-18Trying to fix tag definition in source.Gereon Kremer
2017-05-18Updated .SCRINFO...Gereon Kremer
2017-05-18Fixed package name of eigen (was eigen3)Gereon Kremer
2017-05-18First version of this package.Gereon Kremer