AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-113.6.4Andrew Sun
2023-05-283.6.3Andrew Sun
2023-04-283.6.2Andrew Sun
2023-04-273.6.1Andrew Sun
2023-04-12don't use hardcoded makeAndrew Sun
2023-04-103.6.0Andrew Sun
2020-09-053.5.5Andrew Sun
2020-09-033.5.4Andrew Sun
2020-08-053.5.3Andrew Sun
2020-07-183.5.2Andrew Sun
2019-11-26casadi: fix import error due to swig4Andrew Sun
2019-10-17casadi: update to 3.5.1Andrew Sun
2019-10-033.5.0Andrew Sun
2019-08-06casadi: port to python3 and enable more interfacesAndrew Sun
2019-02-09casadi: update to 3.4.5Andrew Sun
2016-07-17Update to 3.0.1Benjamin Chr├ętien
2015-12-17Initial commitBenjamin Chr├ętien