AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-20Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'Denis Demidov
2016-12-1115.302.2301-3: initial 4.9 kernel support + opencl-icd-loader fixesVi0L0
2016-12-08Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'Denis Demidov
2016-10-25Do not restrict xorg versionDenis Demidov
2016-10-2415.302.2301-2: bumping pkgver and deps to add 4.8 kernel supportVi0L0
2016-10-24Remove libglDenis Demidov
2016-10-1915.302.2301-2: bumping pkgver and deps to add 4.8 kernel supportVi0L0
2016-08-23Merged upstream changesDenis Demidov
2016-08-17updated to 15.302.2301 + added 4.7 kernel supportVi0L0
2016-06-13silent fix for zip downloadVi0L0
2016-06-13silent change of Philip surnameVi0L0
2016-06-12silent url_ref fixVi0L0
2016-06-1215.302.2001-1: initial 4.6 kernel support + switched to dkms + acpi script fr...Vi0L0
2016-05-06bump supported kernel versionDenis Demidov
2016-03-23bumping version to add 4.5 kernel supportVi0L0
2016-02-26Remove libglDenis Demidov
2015-12-23updated to 15.201.2401 + initial 4.4 kernel and grsec supportVi0L0
2015-11-09added 4.2 and 4.3 kernel supportVi0L0
2015-08-07updated to 14.502.1040Vi0L0
2015-07-23adding 4.1 kernel supportVi0L0
2015-06-08Initial importVi0L0