AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-24Fix problem with poetry grabbing .git folder from the parent directoryDashon Wells
2023-02-19Update to 0.12.10Dashon Wells
2023-01-17Accept any yt-dlp, remove unnecessary dependencies, add missing dependency al...Dashon Wells
2022-06-27Update to version o.12.9Dashon Wells
2022-06-23Update SRCINFODashon Wells
2022-06-23Update to version 0.12.8Dashon Wells
2022-06-11Update SRCINFODashon Wells
2022-06-11Update to versin 0.12.7Dashon Wells
2021-03-01Update dependenciesMichael Riegert
2021-02-28Update to version 0.12.1Michael Riegert
2020-11-05Add depends for pychromecast >= 7.5.0Michael
2020-11-05New version, new maintainer, added patch dependMichael
2020-08-20New maintainer for CATT. Updated youtube-dl version, parcially fixedEvan McCarthy
2020-07-01v0.11.2Sibren Vasse
2020-03-03v0.11.0Sibren Vasse
2020-01-30v0.10.3Sibren Vasse
2019-11-15v0.10.2Sibren Vasse
2019-10-21v0.10.0Sibren Vasse
2019-03-26v0.9.5Sibren Vasse
2019-01-29v0.9.2Sibren Vasse
2019-01-07Change maintainerSibren Vasse
2018-11-19catt to v0.8.1clintval
2018-10-04catt to 0.8.0clintval
2018-05-30catt to v0.7.0clintval
2018-05-07First commit with PKGBUILD and .SRCINFOclintval