AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-20Forcing j1 for makeDmitry Kharitonov
2019-02-12Updated deps; removed the obsolete install fileDmitry Kharitonov
2019-02-12Updated to 2.0.0Dmitry Kharitonov
2018-09-13Upgraded to 1.9.9Dmitry Kharitonov
2018-08-17Updated to 1.9.8Dmitry Kharitonov
2017-06-28Updated to 1.9.7Dmitry Kharitonov
2017-03-03Changed lzo2 dep to lzo per changes in core repoDmitry Kharitonov
2017-01-12Updated to 1.9.6Dmitry Kharitonov
2016-07-17Updated to 1.9.5Dmitry Kharitonov
2016-05-20Updated to 1.9.4Dmitry Kharitonov
2016-05-13Updated to 1.9.3Dmitry Kharitonov
2015-08-11Update to 1.9.2Dmitry Kharitonov
2015-08-09Added qt5-x11extras depDmitry Kharitonov
2015-08-08Updated to 1.9.1, which was ported to Qt5 (!).Dmitry Kharitonov
2015-07-10Update maintainer/contributor infoDmitry Kharitonov
2015-07-10Initial importDmitry Kharitonov