AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-23Patch to build with V8 12.7Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2023-12-10Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Hentschel (hpmachining)
2023-12-10Fixed check() function.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2023-12-10Fixed check() function.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2023-05-08Added patch to include <cstdint> in Bignum.hPaul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2023-04-16Updated to 1.8.0Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2023-04-10Removed openssl supportPaul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2021-02-14Incremented pkgrelPaul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2021-02-14Fixed permission issue with libcbang.aPaul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-08-18Updated for python3.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-04-20Moved mariadb-libs from depends to optdepends.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-03-06Removed uneeded variable.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-02-24Changed dependancy from sqlite3 to sqlite.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-02-19Initial commit - cbang 1.3.1Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)