AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-29add tip about building uncompressed archiveAlexei Colin
2019-06- Colin
2019-05- Colin
2019-04-01workaround in filename conflict for jlink udev ruleAlexei Colin
2019-03-27update to Colin
2019-01-04update to Colin
2018-08-01update to Colin
2018-05-30.SRCINFO: regenerateAlexei Colin
2018-05-30install: add note about first run and multi-user runsAlexei Colin
2018-05-30install: update ccsv7 path to ccsv8Alexei Colin
2018-05-16regen SRCINFOAlexei Colin
2018-05-16update to 8.0.00016Alexei Colin
2018-05-16install: skip non-existant udev rule filesAlexei Colin
2018-03-01add Kai as contributor, regen srcinfoAlexei Colin
2018-02-28update to v7.4.00015Kai Geißdörfer
2017-09-18Merge branch 'master' from AURAlexei Colin
2017-09-18update to Colin
2017-06-23install: chmod on upgrade tooAlexei Colin
2017-06-23extract basename when installing udev rulesAlexei Colin
2017-06-23regen .SRCINFOAlexei Colin
2017-06-23gitignore the source archiveAlexei Colin
2017-06-23udev rules: the ones that are manually extractedAlexei Colin
2017-06-23optdeps: added ttf fontsAlexei Colin
2017-06-23install udev rules for HW devicesAlexei Colin
2017-06-23install: create groupAlexei Colin
2017-06-23add install script to PKGBUILDAlexei Colin
2017-06-23deps: more discovered on clean systemAlexei Colin
2017-06-21ccs: package draftAlexei Colin