AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-19Updated package to 3.9.0Cesar Lucas
2022-01-11Updated .SRCINFOCesar Lucas
2022-01-11Updated MD5 check code in PKGBUILDCesar Lucas
2020-08-01Upgraded package to 3.8.0Cesar Lucas
2020-05-26Updated .SRCINFO with md5sum of patchCesar Lucas
2020-05-26Updated cdfedit.h and cdfstats.h to compile with new version of GCC, issue wi...Cesar Lucas
2019-06-18Updated .SRCINFO for version 3.7.1Cesar Lucas
2019-06-18Updated to nasa-cdf version 3.7.1Cesar Lucas
2018-08-22Updated .SRCINFO to reflect 3.7.0 updatesCesar Lucas
2018-08-22Updated to version 3.7.0Cesar Lucas
2018-02-07Initial upload of filesCesar Lucas