AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-20update cdi-2.3.0Ralf Mueller
2023-07-18remove old openjpeg dependencyRalf Mueller
2023-07-13cdi-2.2.0 releaseRalf Mueller
2022-10-10update to cdi-2.1.0Ralf Mueller
2021-11-23update cdi-2.0.0Ralf Mueller
2021-04-22fix missing depend openjpeg; thx kailua + hashworksRalf Mueller
2020-11-06new release cdi-1.9.9Ralf Mueller
2020-06-04build mo_cdi.mod, i.e. the ISO-C-interfaceRalf Mueller
2019-06-18release cdi-1.9.7Ralf Mueller
2019-06-18create info firstRalf Mueller
2019-02-07update to release 1.9.6Ralf Mueller
2018-08-15update to cdi-1.9.5Ralf Mueller
2018-05-09update to release 1.9.4Ralf Mueller
2018-02-12update to cdi-1.9.3Ralf Mueller
2017-11-21update to cd-1.9.2Ralf Mueller
2017-10-24update to cdi-1.9.1Ralf Mueller
2017-05-24update for release cdi-1.8.1Ralf Mueller
2017-02-14[cdi] new relase 1.8.0Ralf Mueller
2016-06-28update to release 1.7.2Ralf Mueller
2015-11-10update to 1.7.0Ralf Mueller
2015-06-26import to aur4 1.6.9Ralf Mueller