AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-25Updated to upstream version 1.4Daniel Jenssen
2022-08-16Updated to upstream version 1.3Daniel Jenssen
2022-08-14Updated to upstream version 1.2Daniel Jenssen
2022-08-13Forgot to add SRCINFO to last commit.Daniel Jenssen
2022-08-13Removed unnecessary dependecy on glibcDaniel Jenssen
2022-02-06Updated to new 1.1 release. Added python-dropbox as optdependDaniel Jenssen
2022-01-30Updated to upstream verison 1.0.1Daniel Jenssen
2022-01-29Updated to version 1.0, and made boto3 an optional dependency-Daniel Jenssen
2021-12-25Updated to version 0.3.1Daniel Jenssen
2021-12-25Updated to version 0.3Daniel Jenssen
2021-09-04Updated to upstream version 0.2Daniel Jenssen
2021-08-09Updated to version 0.1.3Daniel Jenssen
2021-08-08Updated for 0.1.2Daniel Jenssen
2021-08-08Updated to version 0.1.1Daniel Jenssen
2021-08-05First version of cebacDaniel Jenssen