AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-08depend on python-uinput again, patch mergedEwout van Mansom
2023-05-08use patched python-uinput, embrace PEP 517 and include licenseEwout van Mansom
2023-05-03remove merged patch for libcec workaroundEwout van Mansom
2023-05-01distinct descriptionEwout van Mansom
2023-05-01add depends from namcapEwout van Mansom
2023-05-01add cecdaemon-git to conflictsEwout van Mansom
2023-05-01rewrite pkgbuild to adhere to standards, use original upstream and include PR #6Ewout van Mansom
2021-04-19Fixed packageJanis Jansons
2020-09-03Updated srcinfoJanis Jansons
2020-09-03Switch to forkJanis Jansons
2020-09-03Initial commitJanis Jansons