AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-20Update to 5.2.532Mika Hyttinen
2024-06-19Hotfix for 5.2.529Mika Hyttinen
2024-06-12Update to 5.2.529Mika Hyttinen
2024-06-11Update to 5.2.528Mika Hyttinen
2024-06-03Update to 5.2.527Mika Hyttinen
2024-05-23Add -fpermissive flag for now until source is made compliant with new GCC. Up...Mika Hyttinen
2024-05-19Update to 5.2.517Mika Hyttinen
2024-05-02Update to 5.2.516Mika Hyttinen
2024-04-23Update to 5.2.513Mika Hyttinen
2024-04-18Update to 5.2.509Mika Hyttinen
2024-04-17Update masternode wiki addressMika Hyttinen
2024-04-15Update to 5.2.508Mika Hyttinen
2024-04-15Update to 5.2.507Mika Hyttinen
2024-04-15Update to 5.2.506Mika Hyttinen
2024-04-12Update to 5.2.504Mika Hyttinen
2024-04-11Remove OOMScoreAdjust, makes system too unstableMika Hyttinen
2024-04-10Use master branch againMika Hyttinen
2024-04-10Update to 5.2.499Mika Hyttinen
2024-04-10Update to 5.2.497Mika Hyttinen
2024-04-10Fix mistakeMika Hyttinen
2024-04-09Update to 5.2.496Mika Hyttinen
2024-04-06Add modified cellframe-node.service file, update to 5.2.490Mika Hyttinen
2024-04-02Update to 5.2.487Mika Hyttinen
2024-03-22Update to 5.2.483Mika Hyttinen
2024-03-21Update to 5.2.480Mika Hyttinen
2024-03-12Update to 5.2.474Mika Hyttinen
2024-03-06Update to 5.2.470Mika Hyttinen
2024-03-06Update to 5.2.466Mika Hyttinen
2024-02-16Update to 5.2.463Mika Hyttinen
2024-02-14Update to 5.2.462Mika Hyttinen
2024-02-14Update to 5.2.460Mika Hyttinen
2024-02-13Update .SRCINFOMika Hyttinen
2024-02-13Update to 5.2.459Mika Hyttinen
2024-02-09UpdateMika Hyttinen
2024-02-08Remove backupMika Hyttinen
2024-02-08Update to 5.2.457Mika Hyttinen
2024-02-06Update to 5.2.455Mika Hyttinen
2024-01-31Update to 5.2.444Mika Hyttinen
2024-01-26Update to 5.2.433Mika Hyttinen
2024-01-24Update to 5.2.430Mika Hyttinen
2024-01-22Update to 5.2.419Mika Hyttinen
2024-01-16Update to 5.2.417Mika Hyttinen
2024-01-13Update to 5.2.415Mika Hyttinen
2024-01-11Fix mistakeMika Hyttinen
2024-01-11Update to 5.2.413Mika Hyttinen
2024-01-11Update to 5.2.411Mika Hyttinen
2024-01-11Add ca path & chmod itMika Hyttinen
2024-01-11Update to 5.2.410Mika Hyttinen
2024-01-10Update to 5.2.409Mika Hyttinen
2024-01-10Don't use Arch build/makeflagsMika Hyttinen