AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-16updating package build for current upstreamJamin W. Collins
2017-02-09updating package build for current upstreamJamin W. Collins
2017-02-03temp commit for alll build changesJamin W. Collins
2015-05-23Fix ceph python 2 build issueJiaying Ren
2014-12-17Add attributionJoe Julian
2014-12-17Add missing udev entries for cephJoe Julian
2014-12-04Updated ceph-git per @danderson's changes to ceph.Ido Rosen
2014-06-29Version bump to ceph-git.Ido Rosen
2014-06-29Moved the git-submodule initialization.Dominik Hannen
2014-06-29This fixes the Issue with Ceph 0.80 not compilingDominik Hannen
2013-11-18Only remove "v" from beginning of pkgverScimmia22
2013-11-18Added ceph-gitIdo Rosen
2013-11-17Added leveldb as dependency for ceph-git.Ido Rosen
2013-11-17Added ceph-git.Ido Rosen