AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-26Update to 0.3.2 using NodeJS v8Maxim Baz
2017-09-03Bump versionMaxim Baz
2017-07-03python3 is too new, try python2Maxim Baz
2017-07-03Try to decrease pkgrel to avoid provoking upgrade notifications while cerebro...Maxim Baz
2017-07-03Add python as dependencyMaxim Baz
2017-06-12Bump versionMaxim Baz
2017-04-09Bump versionMaxim Baz
2017-03-08Add npm to dependenciesMaxim Baz
2017-03-05Use yarn instead of npmMaxim Baz
2017-03-04Delete obsolete '' scriptMaxim Baz
2017-03-04Bump versionMaxim Baz
2017-02-12Bump versionMaxim Baz
2017-02-06Bump versionMaxim Baz
2017-02-06Bump version, create upgrade scriptMaxim Baz
2017-02-01Initial PKGBUILDMaxim Baz