AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysUpdated to v1.7.2 and changed install locationsmananapr
7 daysUpdated to v1.7.1mananapr
7 daysUpdated to v1.7mananapr
7 daysfixed sha256summananapr
8 daysupdated to v1.6.1mananapr
8 daysUpdated to v1.6mananapr
8 daysChanged install location to /usr/binmananapr
2019-07-04Added poppler as dependencymananapr
2019-07-04Version Bump: v1.5mananapr
2019-03-21Updated to v1.4mananapr
2019-02-12version bumpmananapr
2019-02-03Updated to v1.2mananapr
2019-02-01Updated to v1.1mananapr
2019-01-29Fixed EDITOR detectionmananapr
2019-01-29Added option to edit config filemananapr
2019-01-29Added makedependsmananapr
2019-01-27Fixed typo in descriptionmananapr
2019-01-27Fixed permissionsmananapr
2019-01-27Fixed typos in PKGBUILDmananapr
2019-01-27Fixed typo in PKGBUILDmananapr
2019-01-27Fixed source urlmananapr
2019-01-27Added v1.0mananapr