AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-13Version bump for 1.32ghbrown
2023-09-14Revert to version 15 librariesghbrown
2023-07-17Remove base-devel from makedepends (see PKGBUILD page of ArchWiki)ghbrown
2023-07-14Bump to version 1.31, remove dependence on llvm14/clang14ghbrown
2023-05-08Use clang-14 as CHPL_HOST_COMPILEREmiliano Deustua
2023-03-29Version bump for 1.30ghbrown
2023-01-27Depend explicitly on LLVM 14ghbrown
2022-12-27Version bump to 1.29.0ghbrown
2022-09-26Bump version for 1.28.0ghbrown
2022-07-01Bump version number, remove 1.26.0 warnings and kludgeghbrown
2022-06-01Direct to chapel-git in descriptionghbrown
2022-05-20Update dependenciesghbrown
2022-05-17Version bump to 1.26.0; ensure llvm backend; change dependenciesghbrown
2021-01-23Removes llvm dependencyEmiliano Deustua
2021-01-23Fixes dependsEmiliano Deustua
2021-01-23Fixes optionsEmiliano Deustua
2021-01-23Initial commitEmiliano Deustua