AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-21Resolve issues in out-of-date flag; turn off some options for build to workghbrown
2023-09-14Pin to version 15 for llvm and clangghbrown
2023-07-17Bump version, remove dependencies on llvm14/clang14ghbrown
2023-03-29Bump version number to 1.31ghbrown
2023-01-27Depend on LLVM 14 temporarily; edit version number scriptghbrown
2022-12-27Version bump to 1.29ghbrown
2022-07-06Bump version number to 1.28 for opticsghbrown
2022-06-08Track main; use internal version number until git describe correctghbrown
2022-06-01First commitghbrown