AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-30Release v2.5.1Rasmus Karlsson
2024-04-21Release v2.5.0Rasmus Karlsson
2023-08-26Release v2.4.5Rasmus Karlsson
2023-07-27Update to v2.4.4Rasmus Karlsson
2023-03-10Update to v2.4.2Rasmus Karlsson
2023-02-21Update to v2.4.1Rasmus Karlsson
2022-12-02update makefile againRasmus Karlsson
2022-12-02Add my stupid makefile :-)Rasmus Karlsson
2022-12-02Update sha256sums for the new versionRasmus Karlsson
2022-12-01Update to v2.4.0Rasmus Karlsson
2022-04-15Update to version 2.3.5Rasmus Karlsson
2021-08-27update to 2.3.4ckath
2021-05-19update to 2.3.2ckath
2021-05-19somehow messed up the md5sum, fixed nowckath
2021-05-19update to 2.3.2ckath
2021-05-16update to 2.3.1ckath
2021-05-04fixed indentationckath
2021-05-04initial commitckath