AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-06Enable Lua plugin supportRasmus Karlsson
2024-04-21Add GCC bug report linkRasmus Karlsson
2024-03-27Force disable LTORasmus Karlsson
2023-12-24Update submodules for the crashpad -> crash-handler switchRasmus Karlsson
2023-11-04Make qt6-svg a runtime dependencyRasmus Karlsson
2023-10-05Disable updaterRasmus Karlsson
2023-10-03Update Chatterino to remove the need for a qt6 qtkeychain patchRasmus Karlsson
2023-09-28clean: remove *.logRasmus Karlsson
2023-09-28add chroot helper in makefileRasmus Karlsson
2023-09-28patch qt5 hardcoded path in c2Rasmus Karlsson
2023-09-28Make qt6-5compat a full dependencyRasmus Karlsson
2023-09-28Add missing build dependencyRasmus Karlsson
2023-09-28Build with Qt6 instead of Qt5Rasmus Karlsson
2023-09-21Fix icon install directoryRasmus Karlsson
2023-09-18Remove the `v` prefix in the `pkgver` functionRasmus Karlsson
2023-09-16Forward `-flto` flag to ChatterinoRasmus Karlsson
2023-08-26testRasmus Karlsson
2023-07-27update commentRasmus Karlsson
2023-03-03Use cmake --build instead of makeRasmus Karlsson
2023-02-21Disable our explicit CCACHE_SLOPPINESS setting since precompiled headers are ...Rasmus Karlsson
2023-02-18Disable precompiled headersRasmus Karlsson
2023-02-13Remove unused googletest dependencyRasmus Karlsson
2023-02-13Remove unused WinToast dependencyRasmus Karlsson
2023-02-13Change submodule fetch methodRasmus Karlsson
2023-02-13Remove now-unused qBreakpad submodule & add crashpad submoduleRasmus Karlsson
2023-02-13Fix magicenum submoduleRasmus Karlsson
2023-01-29Switch to miniaudio as our sound backendRasmus Karlsson
2023-01-29use git tag if possible for pkgverRasmus Karlsson
2022-11-14Use system qtkeychainRasmus Karlsson
2022-10-31Add qt5-imageformats as a dependencyRasmus Karlsson
2022-05-22Add googletest submoduleRasmus Karlsson
2022-05-11Add comment about magic_enum config call missingRasmus Karlsson
2022-05-07update makefileRasmus Karlsson
2022-05-07Add magic_enum submodule dependencyRasmus Karlsson
2022-01-11Update dependencies to use git+https URLs ( Karlsson
2021-09-06Update libcommuni branch and add missing sanitizers-cmake submodule to our li...Rasmus Karlsson
2021-07-18Change websocketpp submodule repoRasmus Karlsson
2021-05-03Update to r3141.cf33566fchatterino2-ci
2021-05-02Update to r3140.f6d9fb2achatterino2-ci
2021-05-02Update to r3139.6ab5b130chatterino2-ci
2021-05-02Update to r3138.f7506d49chatterino2-ci
2021-05-01Update to r3137.b614ce1cchatterino2-ci
2021-05-01Update to r3136.115d1984chatterino2-ci
2021-05-01Update to r3135.c413a098chatterino2-ci
2021-05-01Update to r3133.6c9fd4f2chatterino2-ci
2021-05-01Update to r3132.77fa1322chatterino2-ci
2021-05-01Update to r3131.8b3f301cchatterino2-ci
2021-05-01Update to r3130.345bcdb9chatterino2-ci
2021-04-26Update to r3129.9c41adcachatterino2-ci
2021-04-26Update to r3128.e587d1efchatterino2-ci