AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysRemove pkgconf from makedependsRasmus Karlsson
10 daysBump versionRasmus Karlsson
2021-01-02Swap out libcommuni submodule to upstream variant - this will require a clean...Rasmus Karlsson
2020-12-27Update dependenciesRasmus Karlsson
2020-12-27Switch to mkdir -p when making the build folderRasmus Karlsson
2020-12-27Bump version to r2982Rasmus Karlsson
2020-12-20Ensure CCACHE_SLOPPINESS is set for Chatterino to be able to use itRasmus Karlsson
2020-12-20Handle both ccache and non-ccache buildsRasmus Karlsson
2020-12-20Handle submodules as suggested by @txtsdRasmus Karlsson
2020-12-20Bump version to r2975Rasmus Karlsson
2020-12-14Bump version from r2936 to r2971Rasmus Karlsson
2020-11-17Bump version from 2915 to 2936Rasmus Karlsson
2020-11-01Bump version from 2679 to 2915Rasmus Karlsson
2020-07-19Bump version from 2590 to 2679Rasmus Karlsson
2020-07-19Add --progress directive to submodule update commandRasmus Karlsson
2020-07-19Update makefile to make it easier for me to update this smileyfaceRasmus Karlsson
2020-04-20remove --devel part since it's not universal for all aur clientsRasmus Karlsson
2020-04-20Bump version and add --devel hint to descriptionRasmus Karlsson
2020-02-27Update versionRasmus Karlsson
2020-02-27Add makefile for cleaning up build filesRasmus Karlsson
2020-01-05Update versionRasmus Karlsson
2019-12-27Update versionRasmus Karlsson
2019-12-22Fix error from desktop file being movedRasmus Karlsson
2019-07-13Update version, switch branch back to masterRasmus Karlsson
2019-07-01version bumpRasmus Karlsson
2019-05-23desktop and icon file moved to upstream repoCkat
2019-05-18fix casing in organization nameRasmus Karlsson
2019-05-18update repo to point at chatterino2 located in the Chatterino github organiza...Rasmus Karlsson
2019-05-14version bumpRasmus Karlsson
2019-04-26readd git makedepCkat
2019-04-19update branch and versionRasmus Karlsson
2019-04-06clean up deps furtherCkat
2019-04-05update .SRCINFOCkat
2019-04-05fix depsCkat
2019-04-05cleaned up PKGBUILD to comply more with guidelinesCkat
2019-04-05updated post-remove instructionsCkat
2019-04-04update .SRCINFO and PKGBUILD for switch to pajlada-dev branchRasmus Karlsson
2019-03-28added updated .SRCINFODanis
2019-03-28Fix optional commentDanis
2019-03-28moved pulseaudio to optional dependenciesDanis
2018-08-19added streamlink optdep and fixed versioningckath
2018-04-27fixed error caused by moving of binaryCkat
2018-02-18include tag in versionCkat
2018-01-02update SRCINFOCkat
2018-01-02add qt5-svg depCkat
2017-10-27add pulseaudio depCkat
2017-10-13initial aur releaseCkat