AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-23Upgrade to 18.4.12Reset1443
2024-03-23Prepare new structureSamuel Oliveira Barata
2022-04-0816.12.3 → 17.10.3Томас
2022-04-08Added libxcrypt-compat runtime dependencyТомас
2022-04-08Fixed upstream source file directoryТомас
2022-04-08Added Gemfile.lock to .gitignoreТомас
2022-04-08Added GemfileТомас
2022-04-08Added RakefileТомас
2022-04-08package() refactoringТомас
2022-04-08Ensure ability to pass ShellCheckТомас
2022-04-08Updated the licenseТомас
2022-04-08Removed needless Ubuntu referenceТомас
2022-04-08Updated the maintainerТомас
2021-04-08Chef Infra client 16.12.3Matt Ray
2021-02-16Ignore built packagesMatt Ray
2021-02-09Chef 16.10.8 and add chef-dk and cinc conflictsMatt Ray
2020-12-04Update to 16.7.61 and switch from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 as source URL (SHAs a...Matt Ray
2020-11-10update the pkgdesc to match the new "Chef Infra Client" brandingMatt Ray
2020-11-10Discourage trying to install both Chef Infra Client and Cinc Client on the sa...Matt Ray
2020-11-06Add .gitignoreMatt Ray
2020-11-06Updated from 14.5.33 -> 16.6.14Matt Ray
2018-10-21New upstreamSimon Vikstrom
2018-04-05New major versionSimon Vikstrom
2018-03-08New upstreamSimon Vikstrom
2018-03-06New upstreamSimon Vikstrom
2018-03-02New upstreamSimon Vikstrom
2018-01-24New upstreamSimon Vikstrom
2017-12-11New upstreamSimon Vikstrom
2017-11-01new upstreamSimon Vikstrom
2017-10-05New upstreamSimon Vikstrom
2017-09-12Fix namingSimon Vikstrom
2017-08-22New upstreamSimon Vikstrom
2017-07-17Fix versionSimon Vikstrom
2017-07-17New upstream versionSimon Vikstrom
2017-06-01New upstream releaseSimon Vikstrom
2017-04-15Upgrade to chef 13 (new major)Simon Vikstrom
2017-04-03Upstream : 12.19.36Simon Vikstrom
2016-12-12Use 16.04 pathSimon Vikstrom
2016-12-12Update to 12.17.44Simon Vikstrom
2016-11-10A bit too fast, symlink correctlySimon Vikstrom
2016-11-10Chef-client based on the chef-dk aur packageSimon Vikstrom