AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-25Update to 3.0.1Mike Swanson
2020-05-28Reported working on aarch64Mike Swanson
2020-05-16Fix compilation under GCC 10Mike Swanson
2019-09-16Merge package into non-split oneMike Swanson
2018-10-25Change download URLs to httpsMike Swanson
2018-01-27Fix bash-completionMike Swanson
2018-01-01Update to 3.0.0Mike Swanson
2017-02-26Move sdl_net to depends, use sha512sums instead of sha256sums.Mike Swanson
2016-12-29Remove the patch for bindir normalizationMike Swanson
2016-12-29Update to 2.3.0Mike Swanson
2016-10-24Include a patch to fix building with libsamplerate 0.1.9Mike Swanson
2015-09-10Update to 2.2.1Mike Swanson
2015-08-24Bunch of new cherry-picks from the master branchMike Swanson
2015-06-11Include the fix for Setup's help URL to the level warpMike Swanson
2015-06-09Update to 2.2.0Mike Swanson
2015-04-07cherry-pick another commit to fix Setup crashMike Swanson
2014-10-26cherry-pick ogg/flac soundtrack fix from masterMike Swanson
2014-10-22Update chocolate-doom to 2.1.0Mike Swanson
2014-06-04bring inline with the changes to the -git versionMike Swanson
2013-12-11Fix AUR display for chocolate-doom depends.Mike Swanson
2013-12-11Move around /usr/share/{applications,icons} in chocolate-doomMike Swanson
2013-12-11Split the Chocolate Doom package.Mike Swanson
2013-12-09Update Chocolate Doom download URL.Mike Swanson
2013-12-08Update chocolate-doom to 2.0.0Mike Swanson
2013-02-06Add autoupdate to Chocolate Doom's PKGBUILD.Mike Swanson
2012-12-03Initial commitMike Swanson