AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysUpgrading to version 76.0.3809.21frealgagu
2019-06-19Adding pam rule to allow accessfrealgagu
2019-04-13Formatting.Fredy García
2019-04-12Upgrading to version 74.0.3729.56frealgagu
2019-01-12Upgrading to version 72.0.3626.12frealgagu
2018-12-16Removing msg2 messages.frealgagu
2018-12-16Removing msg2 messages.frealgagu
2018-11-08Upgrading to version 71.0.3578.36frealgagu
2018-11-07Compiling in chroot.frealgagu
2018-11-05Updating sha256sumfrealgagu
2018-11-05Upgrading to version 71.0.3578.31frealgagu
2018-10-03Upgrading to version 70.0.3538.21frealgagu
2018-08-07Upgrading to version 69.0.3497.7frealgagu
2018-07-03Using pkgver for package filenamefrealgagu
2018-06-17Upgrading to version 68.0.3440.11frealgagu
2018-04-09Adding sha256sum to deb package to be aware of the version changes.frealgagu
2018-04-09Adding sha256sum to deb package to be aware of the version changes.frealgagu
2018-03-31Removing gconf dependencyfrealgagu
2018-03-26Adding colors to crd script and post installation/upgrade/remove scriptsfrealgagu
2018-03-21Setting uid root to user-session command, removing python script patch.frealgagu
2018-03-05Added __amd64.deb:: to source_x86_64klepz
2018-03-04Updating .SRCINFOklepz
2018-03-04Updating to 65.0.3325.39klepz
2018-03-04Fixed md5sumklepz
2018-02-07Update pkgdescklepz
2018-02-07Fixed package versionklepz
2018-02-07Fixed source x86_64 md5 checkklepz
2018-02-07Changed md5 of source x86_64klepz
2018-02-07Changed the source link and pkgver.klepz
2017-10-16Fixed dependency gtk2 to gtk3DaveB
2017-08-26Update to 61.0.3163.20DaveB
2017-07-12Update to 60.0.3112.25DaveB
2017-06-02Error in setup script – correctedDaveB
2017-06-02MD5 sum for crd wrong – correctedDaveB
2017-06-01Update to 59.0.3071.47DaveB
2017-04-11Update to Version 57.0.2987.37DaveB
2017-02-01Fixed extraction problemDaveB
2017-02-01Update to 56.0.2924.51Dave Blair
2016-12-04Update to 55.0.2883.50 – see warningsDaveB
2016-11-18Downgrading to Version 52.0.2743.74DaveB
2016-11-16Update to 55.0.2883.50DaveB
2016-11-16Update to 55.0.2883.50DaveB
2016-11-16Update to 55.0.2883.50DaveB
2016-07-17Update to 52.0.2743.74DaveB
2016-04-01Update to 50.0.2661.22DaveB
2016-02-25This time with MD5 sumsDaveB
2016-02-22Update to 49.0.2623.40Dave Blair
2015-11-30And the validity check.Dave Blair
2015-11-30Forgot to bump up the rel number.Dave Blair
2015-11-30Tried to add more clarity to the crd script, as apparently the setup and help...Dave Blair