AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-10bump to 1.8.5Matthew McGinn
2020-05-18bump gitignoreMatthew McGinn
2020-04-30update version to v1.8.4Matthew McGinn
2020-04-20remove broken Makefile patchMatthew McGinn
2020-04-20bump version to 1.8.2Matthew McGinn
2020-02-21update version to v1.8.0Matthew McGinn
2020-01-12update .gitignoreMatthew McGinn
2020-01-09update version to v1.7.17Matthew McGinn
2020-01-01update URL of pkgMatthew McGinn
2019-12-30update version to v1.7.16Matthew McGinn
2019-12-30bump to correct nodejs versionMatthew McGinn
2019-12-30bump node versionMatthew McGinn
2019-12-30bump node versionMatthew McGinn
2019-12-30bump node versionMatthew McGinn
2019-10-16update version to v1.7.13Matthew McGinn
2019-04-17bump version to v1.7.10Matthew McGinn
2019-04-09bump version to 1.7.9Matthew McGinn
2018-12-25update version to 1.7.5Matthew McGinn
2018-12-06upgpkg: chronograf 1.7.3-1Adam S Levy
2018-11-09upgpkg: chronograf 1.7.2-1Adam S Levy
2018-09-11upgpkg: chronograf 1.6.2-1Adam S Levy
2018-08-06upgpkg: chronograf 1.6.1-1Adam S Levy
2018-07-26upgpkg: chronograf 1.6.0-1Adam S Levy
2018-06-21upgpkg: chronograf S Levy
2018-06-03add go-bindata to makedepends, glibc to dependsMatthew McGinn
2018-06-02bump mksrcinfoMatthew McGinn
2018-06-02bump version to McGinn
2018-05-09Update all source checksums to use sha256Adam S Levy
2018-05-04upgpkg: chronograf S Levy
2018-04-19upgpkg: chronograf S Levy
2018-04-05upgpkg: chronograf S Levy
2018-03-29upgpkg: chronograf S Levy
2018-03-20Update Maintainer: Adam S LevyAdam S Levy
2018-03-16Update upstream URLAdam S Levy
2018-03-16upgpkg: chronograf S Levy
2018-03-16upgpkg: chronograf S Levy
2018-03-09upgpkg: chronograf S Levy
2018-03-07upgpkg: chronograf S Levy
2018-03-01upgpkg: chronograf S Levy
2018-02-27upgpkg: chronograf S Levy
2018-02-24Bump pkgver to S Levy
2018-01-10Update to S Levy
2017-12-27Updated to, removed unneeded unset commandAdam S Levy
2017-12-01Added sysusers, build from proper sourceAdam S Levy
2017-11-25bumping version to 1.3.10Matthew McGinn
2017-10-11updating PKGBUILD for releaseMatthew McGinn
2017-08-13fixing missing export for GOPATH (thanks @petrosagg)Matthew McGinn
2017-08-11updating contributorsMatthew McGinn
2017-08-11updating package to compile from sourceMatthew McGinn
2017-08-11renaming to chronograf-binMatthew McGinn