AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-25bump versionmatthew mcginn
2022-06-02update version to v1.9.4Matthew McGinn
2022-01-26update version to v1.9.3Matthew McGinn
2021-08-19update version to v1.9.0Matthew McGinn
2021-02-08update version to v1.8.10Matthew McGinn
2020-12-10bump to McGinn
2020-12-04update version to v1.8.9Matthew McGinn
2020-11-04bump to 1.8.8Matthew McGinn
2020-10-09update buildMatthew McGinn
2020-10-09update version to v1.8.7Matthew McGinn
2020-08-27update version to v1.8.6Matthew McGinn
2020-07-10bump to 1.8.5Matthew McGinn
2020-05-18bump gitignoreMatthew McGinn
2020-04-30bump pkg versionMatthew McGinn
2020-04-20bump version to 1.8.2Matthew McGinn
2020-02-20update version to v1.8.0Matthew McGinn
2020-01-12update .gitignoreMatthew McGinn
2020-01-09update pkg to 1.7.17Matthew McGinn
2019-08-26update srcinfoMatthew McGinn
2019-08-26update pkg to 1.7.12Matthew McGinn
2019-04-17update version to 1.7.10Matthew McGinn
2018-12-25update version to 1.7.5Matthew McGinn
2018-11-25Bump to version 1.7.3Matthew McGinn
2018-06-23version bumpMatthew McGinn
2018-06-02bump version to McGinn
2018-03-18bump versionMatthew McGinn
2018-02-05bump version to McGinn
2018-01-06bumping versionMatthew McGinn
2017-11-22bumping version to McGinn
2017-10-11updating PKGBUILD for releaseMatthew McGinn
2017-08-11renaming to chronograf-binMatthew McGinn
2017-08-11updating PKGBUILD to version McGinn
2017-07-15updating version & architecturesMatthew McGinn
2017-04-02one more supported ARCH correctionMatthew McGinn
2017-04-02correcting supported ARCHMatthew McGinn
2017-04-02updating SRCINFOMatthew McGinn
2017-04-02correcting perms on created subdirsMatthew McGinn
2017-04-02modifying LICENSE info to reflect githubMatthew McGinn
2017-04-02restructuring PKGBUILD for upstream version 1.2.0Matthew McGinn
2016-06-02Remove unneeded variable.Chris Clonch
2016-06-02Update srcinfo..Chris Clonch
2016-06-02Upgraded to 0.13 and refactored.Chris Clonch
2016-06-02Be consistent with what I typically use.Chris Clonch
2016-04-25Removed go, git deps.Chris Clonch
2016-04-25Updated to v0.12.0Chris Clonch
2016-02-14Updated maintainer.Chris Clonch
2016-02-14Update to 0.10.0.Chris Clonch
2015-11-24Update to: 0.3.2-1Justin Dray