AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-26Update description to indicated that this is the development version.Sijie Bu
2021-07-26Adopt and update to 3.0.10.alpha.0.b105661Sijie Bu
2020-07-03[Fixed] ciel-git: update PKGBUILD and remove make clean.axionl
2018-05-21Fixed my name.axionl
2018-05-07do not use glide on ppc and ppc64axionl
2018-05-03fixed the license file permissionsaxionl
2018-03-19 plugin/release: use no-boot to improve efficiencyaxionl
2018-03-19New Version: 2.0.0axionl
2018-02-01install alsa-utils for bootable variantsaxionl
2018-01-27bug fixedaxionl
2018-01-24fix typoaxionl
2018-01-22attach DESKTOP_RECIPE for desktop variantsaxionl
2017-11-06main.go: add comments for router and rename to ciel.goaxionl
2017-10-30packagekit-backend-aptcc now a part of packagekitaxionl
2017-10-14add wifi firmware for sunxi-base recipeaxionl
2017-10-13allow to override tarball name and compressoraxionl
2017-08-28implement thread parameteraxionl
2017-08-05pkg: ciel-gitaxionl
2017-08-05pkg: ciel-gitaxionl