AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-07Bump package to 0.11.1-1Jonathan Wright
2022-06-22Bump package to 0.11.10-1Jonathan Wright
2022-06-16Bump package to 0.11.9-1Jonathan Wright
2022-06-15Bump package to 0.11.8-1Jonathan Wright
2022-05-23Bump package to 0.11.7-1Jonathan Wright
2022-05-05Bump package to 0.11.5-1Jonathan Wright
2022-05-02Bump package to 0.11.4-1Jonathan Wright
2022-04-28Bump package to 0.11.3-1Jonathan Wright
2022-04-26Bump package to 0.11.2-1Jonathan Wright
2022-04-14Bump package to 0.11.1-1Jonathan Wright
2022-04-13Bump package to 0.11.0-1Jonathan Wright
2022-02-28Bump package to 0.10.4-1Jonathan Wright
2022-02-16Bump package to 0.10.3-1Jonathan Wright
2022-01-28Bump package to 0.10.2-1Jonathan Wright
2022-01-28Add .gz files to the cleanup targetJonathan Wright
2022-01-21Bump package to 0.10.1-1Jonathan Wright
2022-01-01Fix conflicts as this does not care about CiliumJonathan Wright
2021-12-09Bump package to 0.10.0-1Jonathan Wright
2021-11-09Bump package to 0.9.3-1Jonathan Wright
2021-10-25Bump package to 0.9.2-1Jonathan Wright
2021-09-26Bump package to 0.9.1-1Jonathan Wright
2021-09-10Bump package to 0.9.0-1Jonathan Wright
2021-08-24Bump package to 0.8.6-1Jonathan Wright
2021-07-07Update description and file managementJonathan Wright
2021-07-07Bump package to 0.8.4-2Jonathan Wright
2021-07-07Fix the pkgrel incrementing commandJonathan Wright
2021-07-07Initial commit for 0.8.4-1Jonathan Wright