AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-08Cinc 16.12.3Matt Ray
2021-02-16Ignore files from the buildMatt Ray
2021-02-09Cinc 16.10.8 and add chef-client conflictMatt Ray
2020-12-0416.7.61 releaseMatt Ray
2020-11-10update the name to match https://cinc.shMatt Ray
2020-11-10Discourage trying to install both Chef Infra Client and Cinc Client on the sa...Matt Ray
2020-11-09Update to latestsimon
2020-05-12Add conflictsSimon Vikstrom
2020-05-12Add conflictsSimon Vikstrom
2020-05-12Initial build of the cinc-clientSimon Vikstrom