AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysOpenal, openssl, vulkan headers from systemHurricanePootis
12 daysAdd .git to the end of sources missing themHurricanePootis
12 daysUse external glslangHurricanePootis
2023-11-07Make submodule cloning more like wikiHurricanePootis
2023-11-06Add faad2 and oaknutHurricanePootis
2023-10-24Make more deps system depsHurricanePootis
2023-09-15VULKAN IS FINALLY HEREmakepkg --printsrcinfo > .SRCINFO makepkg --printsrcinf...HurricanePootis
2023-09-08Update cmake flags and add new submodule thingyHurricanePootis
2023-08-14Revert back to GCC nowHurricanePootis
2023-08-11Switch to clang while gcc fails to compileHurricanePootis
2023-07-30Fix packagingHurricanePootis
2023-07-10Add libbactrace-git to dependsHurricanePootis
2023-07-05Use external boost, update discord-rpc submoduleHurricanePootis
2023-06-30Introduce easy debuggingHurricanePootis
2023-06-22Remove rm -rf build to increase build timesHurricanePootis
2023-06-21Update submodulesHurricanePootis
2023-06-05Update submodulesHurricanePootis
2023-06-03Switch back to gccHurricanePootis
2023-05-08Add sndio dependHurricanePootis
2023-05-07Remove robin-map, it messes up the build processHurricanePootis
2023-05-07Add new submodulesHurricanePootis
2023-05-05Fix dependsHurricanePootis
2023-05-05Update to qt6HurricanePootis
2023-05-04Use Clang, set lto thinHurricanePootis
2023-04-28Update to new soundtouch submoduleHurricanePootis
2023-04-16Make depends() and makedepends() more accurate and enable HLE AAC decodingErfaun Atabakhsh
2023-04-11Make citra-git in-line with citra-canary-gitErfaun Atabakhsh
2023-01-17Remove global installations of dependenciesTim Schumacher
2023-01-14Switch to upstream dynarmic, stop removing no longer present tsl filesTim Schumacher
2022-11-09Remove leftover tsl files from the citra-qt-git packageTim Schumacher
2022-11-08Fix up the submodule setup, remove GCC workaroundTim Schumacher
2021-11-04Bring PKGBUILD in line with the submodule packaging guidelinesImperator Storm
2021-08-14Disable LTO and increase expression nesting limit for clangTim Schumacher
2020-07-16Fix the build folderTim Schumacher
2020-04-14Require qt5-multimedia only for building and Qt-GUITim Schumacher
2020-04-13Move qt5-multimedia dependency to the normal dependenciesTim Schumacher
2020-01-09Add ffmpeg dependencyTim Schumacher
2020-01-08Move the ffmpeg flag to the correct placeTim Schumacher
2019-12-20Enable the ffmpeg audio decoderTim Schumacher
2019-08-09Workaround build errors on GCC 9Tim Schumacher
2018-09-29Disable Discord integration againTim Schumacher
2018-09-27Various improvements in the build systemTim Schumacher
2018-07-11Change of package ownershipTim Schumacher
2018-07-11Fix the remaining package issuesTim Schumacher
2017-12-06Replace inih with its new upstream.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-07-18Remove json from externals, see Gil Peyrot
2017-07-16Add newer dependencies.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-09-20Add newer dependencies, and enable tests.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-09-13Add sdl2 as a dependency of citra-qt, for audio support.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-05-15Rename the soundtouch repository to ext-soundtouch, as per upstream.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot