AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-05add dependencies: common-lisp, cl-asdf and makedepends: gitFabian Brosda
2020-06-29Update .SRCINFOJimmy Aguilar Mena
2020-06-29Change replaces with conflict and provides.Jimmy Aguilar Mena
2020-05-02Update SRCINFO.Jimmy Aguilar Mena
2020-05-02Update after files movement.Jimmy Aguilar Mena
2019-08-02Fix replaces, update pkgrelJulian DeMille
2019-08-02Convert to PKGBUILD, replace cl-alexandria, new Git repoJulian DeMille
2015-07-19removed build() function that downloaded git codePeter Mukhachev
2015-07-19Initial commitPeter Mukhachev