AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-25Upstream version update.git user
2024-05-17Upstream version update.git user
2024-03-24Upstream version bump.git user
2024-03-24Upstream version bump.git user
2024-01-18Fixing `0002_protectedheaders.patch` so that it applies to the changed `AUTHO...git user
2024-01-18Version update.git user
2023-07-16Added `papirus-claws-mail-theme` to `optdepends`.git user
2023-07-16Fixed a typo.git user
2023-07-16Added some optional dependencies, and some PKGBUILD rework.git user
2023-07-08Added support for protected headers.git user
2023-07-08version bumpgit user
2023-02-22Always running `./`.dreieck
2023-02-22Supressing error message on non-existend patch or diff files.dreieck
2022-10-20Added patch "charset supersets to decode titles" from the package "claws-mail...dreieck
2022-10-20Version bump.dreieck
2022-09-18Version bump.dreieck
2022-08-18Added more verbose information printing to `PKGBUILD` runtime.dreieck
2022-08-18`PKGBUILD` cleanup.dreieck
2022-08-18Version bump to '3.19.0+63.r11580.20220817.b79a25c21'.dreieck
2022-08-18Made valgrind build switchable with changing a variable at the beginning of t...dreieck
2022-08-18Removed valgrind makedependencydreieck
2022-08-18Now generating and providing git log into the doc directory.dreieck
2022-08-06Version bump. Enabled `--disable-static`.dreieck
2022-08-06Upstream removed tests, see
2022-07-15Fixups to get `check()` working, some other minor changes.dreieck
2022-07-14Initial commit.dreieck