AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-02use bundled taglib1 since it don't dirty build if taglib(2) is presentFabioLolix
2024-02-26use taglib1FabioLolix
2023-07-16Update dependenciesMelanie Scheirer
2020-09-18Patch should be upstream soon™zan
2020-07-21patch rev 2zan
2020-07-20Apply patch to fix upstream issue 6401zan
2020-07-20fix dependencieszan
2019-12-22Updated srcinfoMatt Scheirer
2019-12-18Qt5 rewriteMatt Scheirer
2017-11-17Updating denoted version of Clementine to 1.3.1.r392.g83e860eab, as requested.Jacob Henner
2017-05-20Add conflicts and provides.Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz
2017-03-15Remove moc fix.Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz
2017-03-11Workaround Qt5 moc bug.Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz
2017-02-27Add -DBUILD_WERROR=off.Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz
2016-11-27Remove libechonest dependency.Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz
2016-09-15Rewrite based on community/clementine.Eduardo Sánchez Muñoz
2015-07-08Initial importvlad