AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-13Upgrade to the latest versionMikhail f. Shiryaev
2020-10-25Upgrade to the latest versionMikhail f. Shiryaev
2020-08-20Update versionMikhail f. Shiryaev
2020-08-19Return back backup arrayMikhail f. Shiryaev
2020-08-19Replace building with repacking deb, upgrade to latest stableMikhail f. Shiryaev
2019-05-02Bump to, use bundled arrow and zlib, disable internal compiler on CL...kmeaw
2019-03-12Bump to, unbundle more libraries, use external poco to avoid log-re...kmeaw
2019-02-26Depend on clangkmeaw
2019-02-22Bump to 19.3.5kmeaw
2019-02-05Bump to 19.1.6kmeaw
2018-12-28Bump to 18.16.1kmeaw
2018-12-11Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-11Bump to 18.14.18kmeaw
2018-10-17Bump to 18.14.9kmeaw
2018-09-17Bump to 18.12.17, applied a patch from felixoidkmeaw
2018-09-14Bump to 18.12.14kmeaw
2018-09-06Install zlib-ngkmeaw
2018-09-04Bump to 18.10.3kmeaw
2018-07-11Bump to 54390kmeaw
2018-06-05Bump to 54385kmeaw
2018-06-04Use upstream systemd.servicekmeaw
2018-05-25Bump to 54383kmeaw
2018-03-12Bump to 54362kmeaw
2018-02-28Bump to 54343kmeaw
2018-02-01Bump to 54342kmeaw
2018-01-26Bump SRCINFOkmeaw
2018-01-26Fix non-clean builds, use static bundled pocokmeaw
2018-01-22Use ClickHouse-Extras/pocokmeaw
2018-01-22Bump to 54337kmeaw
2017-11-09Bump to 54310kmeaw
2017-10-09Bump to 54292kmeaw
2017-08-22Update md5sumskmeaw
2017-08-22Remove gcc63 commentkmeaw
2017-08-22Bump to 54276kmeaw
2017-08-02Bump to 54245; also add instructions for building gcc63kmeaw
2017-07-12Fix config path (thanks, Algunenano)kmeaw
2017-07-09Bump to 54242, use gcc63kmeaw
2017-06-18Use gcc6 for building clickhousekmeaw
2017-05-16Bump to 54231kmeaw
2017-04-11Bump srcinfokmeaw
2017-04-10Bump to 54198kmeaw
2017-03-11Fix bind addresskmeaw
2017-03-11Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-03-11Bump to 54181kmeaw
2017-03-11Bump to 54181kmeaw
2017-02-27Bump pkgrelkmeaw
2017-02-27Workaround version number inconsistencykmeaw
2017-02-27Add libclickhouse.sokmeaw
2017-02-27Bump to 54165kmeaw
2017-02-01Bump to 54144kmeaw