AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-26Updated to 3.2Federico Di Pierro
2019-01-07Added conflict array.Federico Di Pierro
2018-12-15Updated PKGBUILD to latest master.Federico Di Pierro
2018-12-02Updated PKGBUILD: this is now the devel package.Federico Di Pierro
2018-11-24Updated. Clightd now uses cmake.Federico Di Pierro
2018-11-10Updated to new git packageFederico Di Pierro
2018-07-20Updated versionFederico Di Pierro
2018-03-04Updated to 2.0Federico Di Pierro
2017-06-25updated to latest versionFederico Di Pierro
2017-05-15UpdatedFederico Di Pierro
2017-05-11Updated after 1.0 releaseFederico Di Pierro
2017-04-16first uploadFederico Di Pierro