AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysUpdate to 2024.1Michael Hansen
2024-02-15Update to 2023.3.4Michael Hansen
2024-01-25Update to 2023.3.3Michael Hansen
2023-12-20Update to 2023.3.2Michael Hansen
2023-12-12Update to 2023.3.1Michael Hansen
2023-12-06Update to 2023.3Michael Hansen
2023-11-02Apply some improvements suggested by AsharkMichael Hansen
2023-09-13Update to 2023.2.2Michael Hansen
2023-08-24Update to 2023.2.1 and attempt to fix aarch64 buildMichael Hansen
2023-08-21Add pkgdesc for subpackagesMichael Hansen
2023-08-16Remove biicode optional dependencyMichael Hansen
2023-07-31Use correct download tarball on aarch64Michael Hansen
2023-07-26Update to 2023.2Michael Hansen
2023-07-18Update to 2023.1.5Michael Hansen
2023-06-22Update to 2023.1.4Michael Hansen
2023-05-16Update to 2023.1.3Michael Hansen
2023-04-28Update to 2023.1.2Michael Hansen
2023-04-06Update to 2023.1.1Michael Hansen
2023-03-29Update to 2023.1Michael Hansen
2023-03-11Update to 2022.3.3Michael Hansen
2023-01-27Update to 2022.3.2Michael Hansen
2022-12-21Update to 2022.3.1Michael Hansen
2022-11-30Update to 2022.3Michael Hansen
2022-10-11Update to 2022.2.4Michael Hansen
2022-09-16Update to 2022.2.3Michael Hansen
2022-09-14Update to 2022.2.2Michael Hansen
2022-08-18Update to 2022.2.1Michael Hansen
2022-07-27Update to 2022.2Michael Hansen
2022-06-22Update to 2022.1.3Michael Hansen
2022-06-01Update to 2022.1.2Michael Hansen
2022-05-13Update to 2022.1.1Michael Hansen
2022-04-14Update to 2022.1Michael Hansen
2022-03-15Update to 2021.3.4Michael Hansen
2022-02-18Update name of optional dependencyMichael Hansen
2022-02-01Update to 2021.3.3Michael Hansen
2021-12-29Update to 2021.3.2Michael Hansen
2021-12-22Update to 2021.3.1Michael Hansen
2021-12-01Update to 2021.3Michael Hansen
2021-10-15Update to 2021.2.3Michael Hansen
2021-09-17Update to 2021.2.2Michael Hansen
2021-08-24Update to 2021.2.1Michael Hansen
2021-07-29Remove some package cleanup which no longer appliesMichael Hansen
2021-07-28Update to 2021.2Michael Hansen
2021-07-07Update to 2021.1.3Michael Hansen
2021-06-01Update to 2021.1.2Michael Hansen
2021-04-23Update to 2021.1.1Michael Hansen
2021-04-07Update to 2021.1Michael Hansen
2021-03-16Update to 2020.3.3Michael Hansen
2021-02-03Add aarch64 as a supported archMichael Hansen
2021-01-28Update to 2020.3.2Michael Hansen