AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
21 hoursUpdate to 192.6262.62Michael Hansen
2019-07-24Update to 192.5728.100Michael Hansen
2019-07-18Update to 192.5728.70Michael Hansen
2019-07-12Update to 192.5728.28Michael Hansen
2019-07-03Update to 192.5587.18Michael Hansen
2019-06-26Update to 192.5438.15Michael Hansen
2019-06-20Update to 192.5281.33Michael Hansen
2019-06-14Update to 192.5118.29Michael Hansen
2019-06-05Update to 192.4787.12Michael Hansen
2019-06-04Back up additional config filesMichael Hansen
2019-05-31Update to 192.4488.4Michael Hansen
2019-05-24Update to 192.4205.36Michael Hansen
2019-05-09Update to 191.7141.37Michael Hansen
2019-04-21Update to 191.6707.69Michael Hansen
2019-04-18Update to 191.6702.62Michael Hansen
2019-03-28Update to 191.6183.77Michael Hansen
2019-03-21Update to 191.6183.49Michael Hansen
2019-03-13Update to 191.6183.6Michael Hansen
2019-03-06Update to 191.6014.11Michael Hansen
2019-02-27Update to 191.5849.15Michael Hansen
2019-02-15Update to 191.5532.20Michael Hansen
2019-02-01Update to 191.4738.15Michael Hansen
2019-01-24Update to 191.4212.38Michael Hansen
2019-01-10Update to 183.5153.40Michael Hansen
2018-12-19Update to 183.4886.39Michael Hansen
2018-12-08Update to 183.4588.63Michael Hansen
2018-11-27Update to 183.4284.156Michael Hansen
2018-11-22Update to 183.4284.140Michael Hansen
2018-11-15Update to 183.4284.104Michael Hansen
2018-11-08Update to 183.4284.40Michael Hansen
2018-10-31Update to 183.4139.25Michael Hansen
2018-10-24Update to 183.3975.20Michael Hansen
2018-10-18Add missing dependencyMichael Hansen
2018-10-18Update to 183.3795.17Michael Hansen
2018-10-10Update to 183.3647.14Michael Hansen
2018-10-03Update to 183.3283.6Michael Hansen
2018-09-26Update to 183.2940.13Michael Hansen
2018-09-19Update to 183.2635.14Michael Hansen
2018-09-18Update to 182.4505.18Michael Hansen
2018-09-05Update to 182.4323.58Michael Hansen
2018-08-22Update to 182.4129.51Michael Hansen
2018-08-15Update to 182.4129.15Michael Hansen
2018-08-09Update to 182.3911.40Michael Hansen
2018-08-03Enforce clean unpack of the tarball even if makepkg is run without --cleanbuildMichael Hansen
2018-07-30Add .vmoptions file to backup listMichael Hansen
2018-07-25Update download URL for 2018.2 final (same version)Michael Hansen
2018-07-20Update to 182.3684.76Michael Hansen
2018-07-18Update to 182.3684.46Michael Hansen
2018-07-12Update to 182.3684.12Michael Hansen
2018-07-05Update to 182.3569.10Michael Hansen