AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-08Fix dependenciesRobin Candau
2023-06-14Add the alsa-lib dependencyRobin Candau
2023-03-25Fixed depsRobin Candau
2023-02-13Corrected the package function according to the latest upstream commitsRobin Candau
2023-02-07Update URLRobin Candau
2023-02-03Correct the optdepends for wayland supportRobin Candau
2023-02-03Correct the optdepend for wayland supportRobin Candau
2023-01-26Add documentationRobin Candau
2023-01-26Update emailRobin Candau
2023-01-16Add the extra CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS into the associated env variableAntiz (Robin C.)
2023-01-13Added DNDEBUG flags to the buildAntiz (Robin C.)
2023-01-08Added libx11 and waylad as optdependsAntiz (Robin C.)
2023-01-03Moved the symlink directly into the PKGBUILDAntiz (Robin C.)
2022-12-20Corrected the build function according to changes in upstreamAntiz (Robin C.)
2022-12-11Added riscv64 supportAntiz (Robin C.)
2022-12-11Initial CommitAntiz (Robin C.)